AVAL’s airplane over the training ground

On April 21 2020, the AVAL team conducted multi-rotor plane test.

A team composed of: Leszek Ambroziak, Arkadiusz Bożko, Maciej Ciężkowski, Zbigniew Kulesza, Daniel Ołdziej, Sławomir Romaniuk and Adam Wolniakowski checked the AVAL system components at the training ground in Czerwony Bór.

The vertical takeoff airplane
The purpose of the tests was to check a vertical takeoff airplane cooperating with a navigation system. Automatic take-offs, landings and following of DGPS base station installed on the moving car were successfully completed. The test results confirmed the readiness of the vertical takeoff airplane to fully automatically follow the landing pad in vertical flight mode with a maximum speed 18 km/h.

We would like to thank State Forests and Lomza Forest District for the possibility of conducting tests and providing a closed training ground on Czerwony Bór.

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